Code of ethics case study example

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. What is Ethics? Code of ethics is a list of principles that is intended to influence the actions of healthcare professionals within an organization. Ethical principles help guide the decision-making process among healthcare workers in complicated situations.

This paper will review the assigned case study and provide the reader with the ethical issues and principles. The case study discussed an 8-month old child brought into the emergency department by the mother due to inconsolable crying. Don't use plagiarized sources. It was reported that the child had been crying since picked up at daycare. The assessment was then presented to the physician; concern was expressed that the child may have been injured.

An x-ray was ordered revealing fractures to both femurs. The mother was informed of the findings by the physician; after speaking with the mother the physician decided it was not child abuse and therefore, the situation did not need to be reported.

Social services should have been consulted to assist in the process of reporting the situation to Child Protective Services CPS. In this case, the primary consideration was not in the best interest of the child. According to Judson and Harrison the physician has the responsibility to understand the tools for diagnosing and treating abuse and to be familiar with the available resources The nurse in this case has the ethical duty to report the physician for not having concern regarding a possible child abuse situation.

Healthcare professionals have an ethical duty to expose unethical behaviors by other members of the healthcare field. Nursing has progressed over the years into a respected and honorable profession.

The two key roles the nurse in this case study failed to provide for the patient are advocacy and promotion of a safe environment. If the nurse was using good moral and professional judgment, he or she would have reported the situation immediately for the wellbeing of the child.

Three of the ethical principles that are discussed are nonmaleficence, veracity and paternalism. The three ethical principles mentioned above are valued in my personal and professional life as a mother, nurse and student.

The first ethical principle discussed nonmaleficence has been a personal value of mine throughout my life, used in all aspects of my life. The second ethical principle, veracity is maintained most of the time.

Case studies

I believe there are situations where telling the person the whole truth would not have an optimal outcome. The third ethical principle mentioned paternalism is used at times in my professional life as a nurse and in my personal life as a mother. One ethical principle used by the association is beneficence; this principle is used by providing evidence-based research, treatment, and education for patients and healthcare professionals.

Using evidence-based medicine the association is giving optimal care for this patient population. Using ethical principles healthcare professionals can ensure they are making good moral decisions regarding care and treatment of patients. The ethical principles do not have to be a value of the healthcare professional, but must be upheld for the best interest of the patient. Ethics Case Study. Accessed April 10, This is just a sample.

You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Our Company takes great pride in the high standards of honesty and integrity, which our employees maintain. Compliance with laws, regulations, and business ethics is essential to the survival of our business.

Progress and development can be realized only through the combined efforts and cooperation of each employee of our company.Choose one or more of the following case studies and lead a discussion which allows students to address and debate issues of integrity, ethics and law.

If time allows, let the students vote on which case studies they want to discuss. For lecturers teaching large classes, case studies with multiple parts and different methods of solution lend themselves well to the group size and energy in such an environment.

Lecturers can begin by having students vote on which case study they prefer. Lecturers could break down analysis of the chosen case study into steps which appear to students in sequential order, thereby ensuring that larger groups stay on track. Lecturers may instruct students to discuss questions in a small group without moving from their seat, and nominate one person to speak for the group if called upon. There is no need to provide excessive amounts of time for group discussion, as ideas can be developed further with the class as a whole.

Lecturers can vary the group they call upon to encourage responsive participation. A manufacturing company provides jobs for many people in a small town where employment is not easy to find.

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The company has stayed in the town even though it could find cheaper workers elsewhere, because workers are loyal to the company due to the jobs it provides. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation in the town for taking care of its employees and being a responsible corporate citizen.

The manufacturing process used by the company produces a by-product that for years has flown into the town river.

code of ethics case study example

The by-product has been considered harmless but some people who live near the river have reported illnesses. The by-product does not currently violate any anti-pollution laws. What are the issues of integrity, ethics and law posed in the case study? What options does the company have, and what should it do and why? Some of the issues raised by this case study include the factors and decisions that led to the current situation, such as worker loyalty caused by scarce employment and the power the company holds over the town; whether the company is acting consistently with its reputation as a good corporate citizen and whether not doing so affects its integrity; the ethics of companies compared to persons, and whether companies should have more or fewer obligations and why; whether and why the company should take action even though the by-product does not violate any laws, and if it should take action, whether the company should establish criteria for helping it decide when to address complaints that do not raise illegal actions.

Is there a problem with the current state of the law, and if there is, can the company use that to justify non-action? A woman died recently, after a short, unhappy life.

code of ethics case study example

She wanted her ashes to be scattered in the ocean near a place she lived during one of the brief happy times of her adult life. Her parents and immediate family had already passed away, so she discussed her wishes with her mother-in-law, who said she would comply with her daughter-in-law's wishes. In her will, the woman gave control of her estate to the mother-in-law. The will stated that the woman's ashes should be scattered in the ocean, as described above.

Instead, her mother-in-law buried the ashes in a family plot near her home, because she wanted to keep the ashes close to her because of her own grief. Assume that the mother-in-law is legally required to follow the wishes stated in the will, but that no one will check and it is very unlikely that the mother-in-law will have any problem with the law.

What options does the mother-in-law have, and what should she do and why? Adapted from an article in the New York Times.

Some of the issues raised by this case study include whether the mother-in-law is acting ethically and with integrity; the relevance of her promise to her daughter-in-law, and whether the promise is still relevant after the daughter-in-law dies; the impact of the law on the mother-in-law, and what difference it makes that the mother-in-law's illegal activity is not likely to be discovered.

An undergraduate course required for graduation has a reputation for being extremely hard to pass, much harder than similar courses. When posting materials to the class website, the teacher accidently posts a test with answers indicated at the end. The teacher notices the error immediately and deletes the test, but before she does so a student downloads the test.

The website does not allow the teacher to see whether the test was downloaded, and because she deleted the test with the answers so quickly, the teacher later uploaded the same test without the answers and required students to take the test.

The Student Code of Ethics prohibits students from taking a test when there is reason for them to believe they have confidential information regarding the answers to a test they are not supposed to have.

Violations of the Student Code of Ethics are punishable. What options do the teacher and the student have, and what should they do and why?Login Register.

Case Studies

Adhering to a Code of Ethics is one of the cornerstones of professional practice. The CDI Code of Ethics, consisting of twelve principles, was drawn up in consultation with members and published in October and revised to eleven principles in January by the Professional Standards Committee.

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The intent is for it to be used and referred to as a tool to increase and maintain a common trust and understanding of values and beliefs necessary to do our work.

To support practitioners in the application of these principles, the Professional Standards Committee has produced a Framework which can be used by practitioners as a step-by-step decision making process. This Framework was based on a review of existing ones and is offered as a guide to members in making decisions that affect their practice.

The practitioner therefore needs to use it as a guide rather than a definitive answer. Whilst the CDI may be able to offer advice on an ethical dilemma, ultimately every issue needs to be considered in context and involve interested parties. Therefore the Framework and Case Studies are provided here to support you with your own ethical decision making rather than provide definitive answers.

We welcome feedback on the Case Studies and any ideas for their further use. Please contact Claire Johnson claire. An article on this subject appeared in the January edition of Career Matters and provides further information and references for further reading which could be used for your own CPD.

For more information on what cookies are and how you can manage and remove them click here. Follow the CDI. Login or Register. Home Terms. QCF Level 6 Diploma. The Register. UK Career Development Awards Your role in using the Framework Whilst the CDI may be able to offer advice on an ethical dilemma, ultimately every issue needs to be considered in context and involve interested parties.

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Anyone, from any background, should feel encouraged to participate and contribute to ACM. ACM is committed to creating an environment that welcomes new ideas and perspectives, and where hostility or other antisocial behaviors are not tolerated.

It is useful as the conscience of the profession, but also for individual decision-making. As prescribed by the Preamble of the Code, computing professionals should approach the dilemma with a holistic reading of the principles and evaluate the situation with thoughtful consideration to the circumstances. In all cases, the computing professional should defer to the public good as the paramount consideration. The analyses in the following cases highlight the intended interpretations of members of the Code task force, and should help guide computing professionals in how to apply the Code to various situations.

Corrupted advertisements often link to code hosted on Rogue to exploit browser vulnerabilities to infect machines with ransomware. Rogue refuses to intervene with these services despite repeated requests.

Jean agreed that the experience was unpleasant, but that was the price to pay for working in an intense, industry-leading team. Q Industries is an international defense contractor specializing in autonomous vehicles. As an early pioneer in passive systems, such as bomb-defusing robots and crowd-monitoring drones, Q established itself as a vendor of choice for military and law enforcement applications. Recently, however, Q has begun to experiment with automated active responses.

But he found the prototype confusing. The response was that these were the changes requested by the client.Ethics Ethics Case Studies. The SPJ Code of Ethics is voluntarily embraced by thousands of journalists, regardless of place or platform, and is widely used in newsrooms and classrooms as a guide for ethical behavior.

The code is intended not as a set of "rules" but as a resource for ethical decision-making. For an expanded explanation, please follow this link. For journalism instructors and others interested in presenting ethical dilemmas for debate and discussion, SPJ has a useful resource. We've been collecting a number of case studies for use in workshops.

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There seems to be no shortage of ethical issues in journalism these days. Please feel free to use these examples in your classes, speeches, columns, workshops or other modes of communication. A controversial apology After photographs of a speech and protests at Northwestern University appeared on the university's newspaper's website, some of the participants contacted the newspaper to complain.

The question: Is an apology the appropriate response? Is there something else the student journalists should have done? Rolling Stone and Billboard often also will include a link within the story to listen to the songs that were leaked.

The question: If Billboard and Rolling Stone are essentially pointing readers in the right direction, to the leaked music, are they not aiding in helping the Internet community find the material and consume it? Reigning on the Parade Frank Whelan, a features writer who also wrote a history column for the Allentown, Pennsylvania, Morning Calltook part in a gay rights parade in June and stirred up a classic ethical dilemma.

Controversy over a Concert Three former members of the Eagles rock band came to Denver during the election campaign to raise money for a U. Senate candidate, Democrat Ken Salazar. John Temple, editor and publisher of the Rocky Mountain News, advised his reporters not to go to the fundraising concerts.

Are the rules different for different jobs at the news outlet? Two intrepid young reporters for The Washington Postcarefully verifying and expanding upon information given to them by sources they went to great lengths to protect, revealed brutally damaging information about one of the most powerful figures on Earth, the American president. The question: Is protecting a source more important than revealing all the relevant information about a news story?It is useful as the conscience of the profession, but also for individual decision-making.

The following resources may be of use in learning to apply the Code to your own situation. As prescribed by the Preamble of the Code, computing professionals should approach the dilemma with a holistic reading of the principles and evaluate the situation with thoughtful consideration to the circumstances.

In all cases, the computing professional should defer to the public good as the paramount consideration. The analyses in the following fictional cases highlight the intended interpretations of members of the Code task force. These cases studies are designed for educational purposes to illustrate how to apply the Code to analyze complex situations.

All names, businesses, places, events, and incidents are fictitious and are not intended to refer to actual entities. ACM Ethics. Skip to content. Malware Disruption : Security vendors and government organizations collaborate to disrupt the operation of an ISP that hosts malware. Medical Implant Risk Analysis : A medical implant device maker creates a smart phone application to monitor and control the device. Abusive Workplace Behavior : A manager fails to address abusive behavior by a technical team leader.

Autonomous Active Response Weapons : A defense contractor that specializes in autonomous vehicles begins to integrate automated weaponry. Malicious Inputs to Content Filters : An Internet content filtering service deploys machine learning techniques to automate the classification of blocked content.

Search site Search for:. Proudly powered by WordPress.The Case Study Collection is a database of ethics cases from the fields of scienceengineeringthe social sciencesand business. Animal Research Subjects.

code of ethics case study example

Bias in Research. Conflict of Interest. Data Management. Human Research Subjects. Mentors and Trainees. Publication Ethics. Research Ethics: Cases and Commentaries is an excellent collection of page-long case studies accompanied by expert commentary. Bribery and Extortion. Codes of Ethics.

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Environmental Ethics. Expert Witness. Intellectual Property. Product Liability. Professional Responsibility. Public Safety. We have also put together an annotated bibliography on using case studies for teaching engineering and research ethics, as well as how to write and assess cases for use in the classroom.

The cases have been drawn from all over the web, especially from pages maintained by professional societies and academic institutions. All case studies included in this collection have been reviewed by CSEP staff, and include a short description of the case and a link to either a full text version of the case or to its location on a web site maintained by another ethics organization.

code of ethics case study example

The majority of the cases have come from the following sites:. We also invite you to recommend or submit cases that you have developed to be included in the collection. Skip to main content. Criteria for Selecting Cases The cases have been drawn from all over the web, especially from pages maintained by professional societies and academic institutions.

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Code of ethics case study example

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